x2 Growee Pro Combo – $1100 /Each



Automated Nutrient and pH Controller For Home and Commercial Hydroponics Growers.

The Growee Pro Combo is designed to give you peace of mind, with dual pH control pH, x4 dosing pumps, automatic nutrient dosing, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a mobile App.

  • Automatic 4-part nutrient dosing
  • Automatic pH up and down control
  • Control from anywhere using the Growee App
  • Connected to the internet using Wi-Fi/LAN
  • pH, EC, and water temperature readings 24/7
  • Unlimited measurement history
  • Ability to add two more nutrient dosers
  • 2-year warranty
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Mixing Your Nutrients

Set up target EC / PPM range, enter the Amounts and and Growee wiil inject it automatically.

Dual pH Control

The Growee Smart pH Contol will save you time and effort by maintaining perfect pH range in the water, with both pH up and Down control.

The Growee App

Stay connected to your plants’ progress from anywhere, with user-friendly graphs and history logs for effortless tracking over time

You Deserve a Clean Setup

We aimed to create a simple user interface, ensuring our product is easy to use.

Home and Commercial

Whether your have a single grow tent or managing a large grow room, our product is crafted for small-scale cultivators.

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Whats in the box?

x3 Pro Combo What is in the Box

Tech Specs

How many dosing pumps are included in the Pro Combo?

x2 pH dosing pumps
x4 Nutrient dosing pumps.

Internet connection range

Wifi - 2.4GHz 65ft. from the router
Using ethernet cable - 350ft

What is the pH control range?

pH Control Range: 5.0 - 8.0
Control Resolution: 0.2

What is the max reservoir size ?

Starting from 5 - 300 gallons
Based on the Hydro Master version

pH monitoring spec

pH Range: 0.20 - 9.00
+/- 0.1 resolution

EC monitoring spec

EC Range: 0.10 - 3.50 µs/cm
+/- 0.1 resolution Water Temp: 5c-60c at +/- 1c


A typical automated nutrient dosing system is built to inject nutrients in different rations and amounts automatedly, according to the user settings.
introduced a new innovative approach for automatic nutrient dosing and using patented technology, the grower can choose between 2 dosing options on the Growee app:

Smart Dosing with EC control:
The Grower can add his feeding chart data to the Growee App, And the Nutrient Doser will dose nutrients accordingly. When smart dosing is enabled, if new water is added to the reservoir and the EC level drops, each Growee Nutrient doser will inject the nutrients based on the user settings until the desired EC level is achieved.
Manual Dosing:
Select the pump that needs to be activated → Enter the amount (in ml) → and press the button. Multiple pumps can be selected, the Growee Nutrients doser will operate one at a time. 
The Growee pro com is the perfect hydroponic automation solution for home and craft commercial growers who want to automate pH balance and nutrient dosing. 
By using the Growee mobile and web applications, the Grower can monitor pH levels, EC levels, temperature and set pH control and automated nutrient dosing.

The system is scalable, allowing the Grower to add more dosers. Overall, one Hydro Master can control four Growee nutrient dosers – eight dosing pumps in total.

With Growee Pro Combo, you can automatically control pH levels and nutrient dosing. 
This combo includes the Hydro Master (the main controller), the Smart pH balancer – for automatic pH control, and two nutrient dosers – for injecting four different nutrients automatically.

It is easy to set up, and you control it from anywhere using the Growee App.

Yes, you can download the app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play

You can also access your Growee account from a computer, a tablet or any internet-connected device with a web browser, just click here and log in

Yes, the Growee Pro Combo  includes:
x1 Hydro Master – Wifi connected hydroponics controller,pH probe, an EC + Temperature probe, 24W power supply.
x1 Smart pH balancer, two pH dosing pumps.
x2 Smart nutrient doser, two dosing pump each – four dosing pump total.
This feature is perfect for DWC, RDWC, NFT, Ebb and Flow, and other hydroponics setups.
If your system includes a float valve for new water top-off, once the new water is added, it will dilute the feeding solution.
This is where Growee’s smart dosing comes into play ! the Growee Pro Combo monitors the EC continuously, injects nutrients in the right ratio, and adjusts the EC level to the grower’s desired settings.

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