Full Automation


Full Automation

Automatic pH balance and 4 pumps nutrients dosing, control from anywhere using your phone

1X Hydro Master
  • Monitor and control using the Growee App
  • Real time reading of pH, EC and water temperature
  • Free Measurements history
  • Connects to Wi-Fi / Ethernet
1X pH balancer
  • Full pH up and Down control
  • Monitor and control using the Growee App
  • 2 pH balancing dosing pumps
  • Control 5L-500L
2X Nutrient doser
  • 2 nutrients dosing pumps per dosers  (4 pumps in total)
  • Automatic feeding and EC control
  • Control from anywhere using the Growee App
  • Control 5L-500L

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Yes, your plants will always be in the right range, offline or online. When the wifi goes down the Smart pH Balancer is switching to offline mode.

Offline mode operates according to the last settings input on the Growee app before Wi-Fi disconnection. A LED light on the Hydro Master will turn solid blue for offline mode  indication 

Yes, once you set the desired pH range on the Growee App, the Smart pH Balancer will make sure the pH level in your nutrient solution is always on the range you set.

Studies show that Growee’s smart pH algorithms keep the roots safe and improve the quality and quantity of the final crop. Taking good care of your plant’s roots can make a big difference.

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