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Imagine feeding your plants through your smartphone, and the pH levels are always balanced, all maintained in a few clicks. Growee allows you to monitor, feed, and change pH levels in your reservoir from the convenience of your smartphone through the Growee app. Discover a new way of growing with Growee’s pH combo, Starter combo, or Pro combo.


Automatic pH balance and 6 pumps nutrients dosing, control from anywhere using your phone


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1X Hydro Master

Main Hydroponics Contoler

1X pH balancer

Full pH Up & Down Control

3X Nutrient doser

Automatic Nutrient Dosing (2 Pumps Each)

Automatic pH Controller, pH up and Down Control from anywhere using the Growee App


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1X Hydro Master

Main Contoler by app

1X pH balancer

Full pH Up & Down Control

Automatic 2 parts Nutrient Dosing | Include pH up & Down Control | Wi-Fi | Live pH, and TDS tracking


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1X Hydro Master

Main Contoler by app

1X pH balancer

Full pH Up & Down Control

1X Nutrient doser

Automatic Nutrient Dosing (2 Pumps)

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Automatic pH balance and 4 pumps nutrients dosing, control from anywhere using your phone


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1X Hydro Master

Main Contoler by app

1X pH balancer

Full pH Up & Down Control

2X Nutrient doser

Automatic Nutrient Dosing (2 Pumps)


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Why Is pH Important in Hydroponic Systems?

Your plant’s feeding depends entirely on the pH level in your reservoir. The pH levels determine how many nutrients your plants are able to absorb.

Also, Maintaining pH levels within the “safe range” is critical, If pH levels are too low or too high: nutrient lockout can occur (plants can’t absorb nutrients), plant’s roots can get burned, and it might cause your plants intense damage and stress. pH levels constantly fluctuate throughout the day; automating the pH balancing process is the only way to manage a growing and the key to a happy, well-fed plant.

What's the optimal ph level for plants

The “optimal range” and the “safe range” varies between different plants. Make sure you find out what is the preferable pH range according to your plant type. Generally, most plants are safe between 5.8 – 6.5.

Why Is pH Control Important?

Growing successful with hydroponics requires growers to frequently monitor and manage feeding and pH levels due to constant changes in the chemistry of the water. Ask any grower – manually monitoring and balancing pH levels every day is hard work and can quickly become a hassle.

Also, It is humanly impossible to maintain pH levels balanced 24/7 manually. While most growers do their best, they can only adjust the pH when checking their garden. pH control automation keeps an ideal pH range day and night, and it is the key to a well-fed plant that maximizes its potential.

What Are The Benefits of Measuring and Maintaining pH Levels 24/7

Automating feeding and pH balancing means caring for your plants around the clock! Happy and healthy plants that are always in ideal conditions generate more yield! Making sure your reservoirs are always pH balanced and that your plants are well-fed can increase your yield by 30%! Free your time and make sure your plants are getting the best care with Growee’s Smart combos!

Why is EC Important in Hydroponic Systems?

In Hydroponics, EC is an indicator of the available nutrients in the reservoir for your plants to absorb. Since macro and micro elements carry an electrical charge, measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) will give you a good idea of “how many nutrients” are available for your plants. 

Monitoring your EC levels throughout the growing cycle is key to healthy plant life. The changes in the EC can help determine the health of your plant.

If EC levels are too low or too high, your plants will suffer from deficiencies (not enough food available) or toxicity (too much food/salts). Getting your EC levels just right will help you maximize your yield! Different plants prefer different EC levels. Make sure you find the EC range for your plant type. 

Why is EC Control Important?

The EC level of a reservoir is a window into your plant’s nutrient uptake. Feeding your plants and making sure they are well-fed is pretty basic. That’s why monitoring and regulating EC levels are actions every grower must conduct.

Automating this process will ensure your plants have the ideal condition to flourish day and night.  Maintaining EC within the range makes sure that plants don’t go hungry or suffer from toxicity and lockouts. Automation and control will help you avoid mistakes and get a better yield. Growee is giving you the best tools to feed your plants according to your own recipe in a few clicks from anywhere.

What Are The Benefits of Measuring and Maintaining EC/ppm 24/7

Monitoring your plants constantly can help you take better care of your plants and help you achieve better results. Accurate live data can help you keep your plants safe and allows you to be informed about problems at the moment they accrue. Growee allows you to monitor your plants from anywhere and sends alerts to your smartphone app or email.

Automatically monitoring EC allows growers to ensure EC levels don’t drop too low or get too high. Growee developed a unique feature to help you with feeding. it automatically will maintain the EC level within the range the grower sets. EC level will than be maintained regularly 24/7, and you can be sure your plants will always have the ideal conditions they need to thrive.

What Is a Nutrient and pH Doser/Controller?

In general, a nutrient and pH controller automates the feeding routine. The Nutrients controller injects the nutrients into the reservoir. A pH controller injects an acidic solution (pH Down) or alkaline solution (pH Up) in order to maintain the pH level within the range set by the grower.

Growee’s intelligent pH Balancer and Nutrient Dosers are no usual controllers. With their help, you can grow from your smartphone! Growee’s combos are easy to use and install, are wifi connected, and have accurate automation control that will keep your plant’s roots healthy! In a few clicks, you can set the pH range, feed your plants, monitor measurement status and analyze grow-cycle data.

The Growee Hydro Master, pH Balancer, and Nutrient Doser work together and create an ideal solution that fits into every indoor farm, setup, or room:

  • The Hydro master – The “smart brain” that operates the pH Balancer and the Nutrient Doser; it connects to the internet and includes sensors that measure the pH, EC/ppm, and water temperature in the reservoir. The data is constantly measured and displayed on the app, where you can monitor it live 24/7.
  • The pH Balancer – Connects to the Hydro Master and has two pumps, one for pH up solution and one for pH down solution. The pH Balancer will maintain a pH range set by the grower. The pH Balancer includes a patented balancing algorithm that keeps the roots of the plants healthy while dosing.
  • The Nutrient Doser – Connects to the Hydro Master, has two pumps and can be chained to two other Nutrient Dosers (You can create the setup you need by choosing 2/4/6 pumps for your nutrients. The Nutrient doser includes a unique feature that will keep an EC range set by the grower!

The Hydro Master operates the pH Balancer and the Nutrient Doser; both pH Balancer and Nutrient Doser can not function without the Hydro Master.

How Does a pH Controller/Balancer Work?

A pH controller monitors the pH level and automatically injects pH down (acidic solution) or pH up (alkaline solution) into the reservoir. It maintains the pH level in the reservoir within the pH range that the grower set. Growee’s pH balancer is wifi connected and operates through the app; it allows you to monitor and balance pH levels in a few clicks from anywhere.

Injecting pH up or down solution could hurt the plant’s roots if not done right. Growee’s pH Balancer has an intelligent algorithm that keeps the plant’s roots safe! This feature is essential for Growers who run DWC systems!

How Does a Nutrient controller/Auto Doser Work?

A hydroponic nutrient controller (nutrient doser) monitors the EC/ppm level and automatically injects nutrients into the reservoir according to the grower’s settings. Growee’s Nutrient Doser will help you to monitor and feed your plants from anywhere. Growee’s Nutrient Doser can intelligently maintain EC/ppm levels set by the grower.

This smart feature injects all the different nutrient solutions in the proper ratio until hitting desired EC level (up to six different nutrient sulotion). Growers can also inject the number of milliliters they set on the app. You can use up to six pumps for your feeding by chaining three Nutrient Dosers in a row (Each one has two pumps). 

What Are the Advantages of the Growee Nutrient and pH Doser?

  • Operating Growee is super easy – With a few clicks, you can change the pH level and feed your plants!
  • Grow from anywhere – The freedom to travel and grow from anywhere
  • Save time and hassle – Manually feeding your plants is hard work; let Growee do the job for you
  • Peace of mind – Check up on your plants anytime on the app and get alerts to your mobile app
  • Easy to install – Supper easy setup
  • Innovative patented technology – Keeps the roots of your plants healthy while feeding and balancing pH
  • Upgrade your growing skills – Analyze grow-cycle data and be informed.
  • Get better yield – You could increase your yield by 30%

How Does an Automated Hydroponic System Work?

An automated hydroponic system turns the manual feeding process into automatic. Automated hydroponic systems use sensors to measure the pH level, EC (Electrical conductivity), and water temperature in your reservoir and automatically adjust it. The system injects nutrients and pH up or down according to the grower’s settings.

What Are the Advantages of Growee over hydroponic automated systems?

  • Fast and simple installation process
  • A modular solution to automate your feeding. (2/4/6 feeding pumps)
  • Connected via Wifi or LAN
  • 24/7 monitoring of live data (ph Level, EC/ppm, Water temperature)
  • Growee’s mobile app is easy to use – With a few clicks, you can adjust pH levels and feed your plants
  • Grow from anywhere – The freedom to travel and grow as you go about your day
  • Save time and hassle – Manually feeding is hard work; let Growee do the job for you
  • Peace of mind – Get alerts in real-time to your smartphone and email
  • Innovative patented technology – Keeps the roots healthy while balancing pH and feeding
  • Upgrade your growing skills – Analyse grow cycle data and be informed
  • Get better yield – You could increase your yield by 30%

Who Should Use a Hydroponic Nutrient and pH Doser?

Growee’s technology is modular and can be a perfect fit for any grower or farm owner who wants to monitor and grow their plants from anywhere. Indoor farms, container farms, and private growers can now automate their setup in no time and enjoy quality yield without the hassle.

We recommend using Growee for reservoirs as large as 500 gallons. Growee’s technology is accurate and can inject a single drop! This level of precision allows you to use Growee for a reservoir as small as 7 gallons! Growing plants with hydroponics can be so much easier if you harness technology. Growee’s created different combos to help out growers like you! We wish you happy growing!

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