How to Use a Batch Tank for Growing Cannabis Indoors

growee - How to Use a Batch Tank for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Using a batch tank can be a simple way to ensure consistent delivery of water and nutrients to your plants, especially in indoor setups where the plants are placed in coco/rockwool medium on a grow tray.

There are several different setup options that are available and it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you. In this article, I will dive into the basics of using a batch tank for cannabis growing, as well as more advanced setup options for all the automation enthusiasts that can take your growing game to the next level and save you a lot of time.

What Is a Batch Tank?

The term ‘batch’ is often used in industrial contexts to describe a set of materials that are mixed together at once. In the case of a batch tank for cannabis growing, it is a water reservoir used to feed the plants, and each time we add nutrients and balance the pH, we create a new batch.

Why Is a Batch Tank a Simple Way for Feeding your Cannabis Plants?

Creating a feeding solution, a mixture of nutrients and water, for feeding your cannabis plants can be a simple, straightforward task when using a batch tank.

The process is easy, you add the nutrients directly into the reservoir and adjust the pH levels, and that’s it. You have a feeding solution ready; it should take 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the reservoir. The best part is that it can be easily automated with an irrigation timer, refill valve, and dosing controller, making it a low-maintenance solution for growers that are more into cannabis-feeding automation.

Different Options for Using The Batch Tank for Feeding Your Plants

Using a batch tank for growing cannabis indoors offers a range of options, from manual mixing and feeding to fully automated systems. depending on the size of your grow room, the number of plants, and your budget, there are different setup options to consider.

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Basic Setup Option – Mixing and Watering The Plants Manually

The basic setup option includes a simple reservoir, a submersible pump for keeping the water circulated, and a watering can. Once you mixed all the nutrients and balance the pH the next step is to water each plant with the watering tank. This setup option is simple and easy to set up, as well as affordable. Additionally, if the batch tank is large enough, the same solution can be used for several feeding intervals.

The major problem is that doing everything manually could be a tedious task that consumes a significant amount of time and prevents you from being away from the plants.

Advanced Setup Option – Adding Time-Controlled Drip Irrigation

The basic setup remains the same; we have a reservoir that functions as our batch tank, and a recirculating pump that constantly mixes the water inside.

However, two significant components can make our growing experience much easier. Adding a float valve for an automatic water refill and a timer-controlled pump with drip irrigation for each plant saves hours of manual labor. With the drip irrigation system, feeding intervals can be set up and provide more peace of mind.

By automating the watering and refill process, we were able to save a significant amount of time. However, we still need to manually add nutrients and balance the pH with every water refill since adding new water dilutes the feeding solution.

Fully Automated Option – Adding the Growee Smart Dosing System

Growee automates the cannabis plants watering and refill process

Growee is a Wi-Fi-connected hydroponic controller that allows growers to remotely set and control nutrient amounts, EC, and pH levels through the Growee app and a set of smart controllers and dosers. It is compatible with various cannabis growing and hydroponic methods, including the batch tank method. Growee serves as the missing link for fully automating cannabis plant feeding in the batch tank setup.

By implementing the Growee system and other automation features like the irrigation system and refill valve, you can save time and attend to other important aspects of your plant growth. The plants will receive a steady supply of optimal nutrients at regular intervals.

The Growee system produces the feeding solution, which is distributed to the plants through a drip irrigation system. The fluid valve automatically refills the batch tank, which triggers the Growee system to balance the pH and EC levels again.

Conclusion – Save Time as Start Automating Your Cannabis Plant Feeding

In conclusion, automating the batch tank setup for growing cannabis indoors offers several benefits to the growers. By automating the watering, feeding, and nutrient mixing process, growers can save a significant amount of time and effort, and focus on other important aspects of plant growth. With automation, growers can ensure that their plants receive consistent and optimal feeding at every interval, which can lead to higher yields and healthier plants.

Additionally, automation can provide peace of mind to growers by reducing the risk of human error, which can be detrimental to plant growth. By using advanced automation features like the Growee system, growers can remotely monitor and control nutrient amounts, EC, and pH levels and make adjustments as needed without being physically present.

Furthermore, automated growing systems can save growers money in the long run, by reducing labor costs and minimizing waste from over or underfeeding. Overall, incorporating automation into the batch tank setup can revolutionize the way growers approach cannabis cultivation, leading to higher efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, success.


The size of the batch tank depends on the number of plants and the stage, as on the flowering stage each plant can consume 2-3 gallons a day. A general rule of thumb is to have a tank that can hold at least a week’s worth of nutrient solution.

The frequency of watering and feeding your cannabis plants in a batch tank system will depend on various factors such as the size of the plants, the amount of light they receive, and the temperature and humidity of the grow room. As a general guideline, in a setup that includes a batch tank, grow trays, and coco/rockwool medium most growers water their plants once or 2-5 times a day.

Absolutely! By incorporating automation add-ons like the Growee smart dosing system, irrigation timers, and refill valves, you can easily automate the plant feeding process in your batch tank setup.

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