Growee Pro Combo


Growee Pro Combo Takes Hydroponics Control To A New Level, With Full Ph Balance and Automatic Nutrient Dosing That Will Keep Your Hydroponics Growing System and Water At The Perfect pH and EC/Tds Levels 24/7

  • Automatic 4 parts nutrient dosing 
  • Automatic pH up and Down Control 
  • Control from anywhere using the Growee App
  • Connected to the internet using Wi-Fi / Lan
  • pH, EC, and Water Temp. reading 24/7
  • Unlimited measurement history
  • Connect attritional Growee Add-ons to unlock full hydroponics automation
  • 2 Years Warranty

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Next Level Automation

Suitable for indoor and small-scale outdoor hydroponics setups.

Lightweight & Easy

The Growee Pro combo includes 4 smart products, Hydro Master, pH balancer and Two Nutrient dosers. Easy to setup and use.

You won't have to worry about pH ever again

With Growee's pH up and down automation, plant roots will be protected 24/7.

No more manually mixing your nutrients

Injects nutrients automatically to maintain a constant EC / PPM range. The Growee Pro Combo includes 4 Dosing pumps for nutrients and 2 Dosing pumps for pH.

Scale With Growee

Growee's Smart Automation Platform offers a range of cloud-based solutions for both small and large growers.

What’s inside the Box?

Growee Hydro Master


Growee pH Balancer


Growee Nutrient Doser


Growee pH Probe


Growee EC Probe


Growee Power Supply


Growee Add-On Cable


Our Community


Home Grower + 4 plants RDWC

“Just got my Growee pH Combo and couldn’t be more excited! I can keep data logs and access the monitoring and controls remotely on my cellphone anytime – Amazing!”


Home Grower - NFT System

“I got NFT setup for mostly lettuce and kale, installed Growee a few months ago, no more messing around with ph up or down, it’s picture perfect all the time.”


Craft RDWC Farm

“Growee saves us hours every day while it maintains the correct PH levels during each growing cycle”


Home Hydroponics Greenhouse

“Growee Hydroponic Controller saved me hours of manual monitoring and dosing. It’s easy to use and the App makes my life so much easier!”


Master Grower - RDWC System

“So happy to have this great new addition. It will definitely be a time saver, 6 hours a week is what this will save me.  All controlled with a phone app!”

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Home Grower - 3 Grow tents

“I’ve used it for a few months I absolutely love it! The Growee’s app gives you the ability to monitor both Nutrient and PH levels right from your phone.”

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Home Grower · 5 Plants

“This controller from Growee is perfect for the intermediate grower looking to step up his game or for automation nerds like me”


Intermediate Grower - 150 plants

I’m able to constantly monitor the feeding solution and easily adjust EC and pH values. Growee keeps me calm during the entire process”

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Urban Farm Owner · 10K Plants a week

“What surprised me most is how much happier my plants are, The fact that the pH levels are balanced at all times. Increased Fresh Farm yield by 30%”


Find the best fit for your hydroponics setup

pH Up & Down Control

Wi-Fi / Lan

Measurements History

pH & EC probes included

2 Nutrients Dosing pumps

pH Up & Down Control

Wi-Fi / Lan

Mesuremnts History

pH & EC probes included

4 Nutrients Dosing pumps

pH Up & Down Control

Wi-Fi / Lan

Measurements History

pH & EC probes included


Yes, your plants will always be in the right range, offline or online. When the wifi goes down the Smart pH Balancer is switching to offline mode.

Offline mode operates according to the last settings input on the Growee app before Wi-Fi disconnection. A LED light on the Hydro Master will turn solid blue for offline mode  indication 

Yes, once you set the desired pH range on the Growee App, the Smart pH Balancer will make sure the pH level in your nutrient solution is always on the range you set.

Studies show that Growee’s smart pH algorithms keep the roots safe and improve the quality and quantity of the final crop. Taking good care of your plant’s roots can make a big difference.

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Growee Pro Combo


Growee Pro Combo


Free shipping inside US and Canada

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