What I Learned at Mary Jane Berlin 2024: Europe’s Biggest Cannabis Convention

Mary Jane Berlin 2024

My first cannabis business convention was back in 2016. Over the years, I’ve mostly focused on the business side, attending MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas almost every year and GreenTech in Europe. I’ve also checked out Spannabis in Barcelona and Cannafest in the Czech Republic.

Since starting Growee, I’ve been more focused on startup conventions like TechCrunch, CES, and a bunch of tech, urban farming, and sustainability events. 

These conventions have a completely different vibe compared to the cannabis industry ones. This year, I finally made it to Mary Jane Berlin, and here’s what went down.

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The Vibe: Europe vs. USA – Who Does It Better?

European conventions are a whole different ball game compared to the US. MJ Biz Con in Vegas is all about business, with 1400+ exhibitors covering everything from fertilizers and tech, like Growee, to distributors and consumer products. 

Mary Jane Berlin vibe

The overall vibe is more similar to a typical tech or startup convention, with a lot of suits, until you get outside to the food truck area if you can see them while you are walking into a cloud.

Mary Jane Berlin audience

European expos, though, mix business and pleasure. The exhibitor count is typically around 300, and I would say the audience is about 80% people coming to have fun and 20% business. 

They have dedicated business areas and outdoor spaces for live shows, open bars, and people who just came in to see the shows and have fun. A real festival.

Mary Jane Berlin price

Mary Jane Berlin is super accessible to the general public, and the environment is amazing with lots of free giveaways from exhibitors. Tickets start at 25 euros for day visitors, with the most expensive being the business VIP at 85 euros for all three days. Compare that to MJ Biz Con’s VIP tickets starting at $999. Ich is typical pricing for high-end tech convocation in the US.

Mary Jane Berlin review

Everyone’s chill and having a great time, almost like they’re there to celebrate. The recent legalization in Germany probably played a big role in this year’s record attendance of 40K. And yeah, smoking in the expo hall was way more common than I expected. The best part? You can have a professional business conversation about distribution at noon, and by the evening, you can go drink beer and smoke one with the same person. This helps build strong personal connections alongside business ones, and I’ll explain why it’s important.

Mary Jane Berlin review

Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s still small on the cultivator side where everyone knows everyone. I was thrilled to reconnect with old friends, distributors, and tech folks. For instance, I met up with the guys from Eybna, whom I first met at a gas station in Santa Rosa, and Tom from Growin, who I went out with for a night. It’s all about the people, and the people in this industry are the best.

Police Shut Down the Party!

On the second day, just before the on-site party was about to kick off around 19:00, the cops came in and shut it down. The drama? Not enough security and medical staff. Plus, the entry lines were crazy long, and people were stuck outside for hours. The organizers just weren’t ready for the influx of people celebrating Germany’s legalization of cannabis.

The Future of Cannabis in Germany: What’s Next?

I can’t wait to see how this market evolves. The new social clubs could set the direction, with collective growth facilities providing high-quality, licensed products. Many growers are turning to hydroponics to maximize their yield and grow capacity under these new licenses. The future looks bright and green!

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