Hydroponics Production Tips for Increasing Yield

Increasing Yield with Hydroponics

Unlock the full potential of your hydroponic garden with these easy-to-follow tips. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the factors that contribute to impressive hydroponics yields and provide actionable steps to ensure your hydroponic production thrives. Let’s dive into the world of hydroponics and unlock the secrets of high-yielding harvests.

What are Hydroponics Yields?

Hydroponics yields refer to the quantity and quality of crops produced using soilless cultivation methods. Hydroponic production relies on a nutrient-rich solution to deliver essential nutrients directly to plant roots, resulting in faster growth and increased yields compared to traditional soil-based farming. Hydroponics vertical farming further amplifies these benefits by utilizing vertical space, increasing planting density, and maximizing overall productivity.

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How Can I Increase my Yields Easily?

There are several factors that influence hydroponics production yields. To achieve optimum results, it’s crucial to pay attention to these key areas:

  • Choose the right crops:

Selecting the most suitable plants for hydroponic cultivation can significantly impact your yields. Leafy greens, herbs, and certain fruits like tomatoes and strawberries are known for their compatibility with hydroponic systems.

  • Use the Right Hydroponic System:

Choose a hydroponic system that suits your crop’s specific needs. For example, deep water culture (DWC) is perfect for growing leafy greens, while nutrient film technique (NFT) works well for herbs and smaller plants.

  • Optimize environmental conditions:

Maintain ideal temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to support optimal plant growth. Investing in climate control systems, like thermostats and humidifiers, can help you achieve the desired conditions.

  • Maximize light exposure:

Provide adequate lighting to ensure proper photosynthesis. Utilize energy-efficient LED grow lights and consider light movers to evenly distribute light across your garden.

  • Regular maintenance and monitoring:

Inspect your system regularly for any leaks or malfunctions, and monitor nutrient solution levels to ensure the proper delivery of nutrients to your plants.

  • Maintain Optimal pH:

Keep the pH levels of your nutrient solution within the optimal range for your specific crops. Use pH testing kits and adjust as necessary to promote nutrient absorption.

  • Pest and disease management:

Implement preventative measures, like proper airflow and sanitation, to minimize the risk of pests and diseases. Use organic or chemical treatments when necessary to protect your crops.

  • Water quality:

Use high-quality water sources and filtration systems to prevent the buildup of harmful contaminants and salts in your nutrient solution.

  • Harvesting and crop rotation:

Promptly harvest your crops when they reach maturity to encourage continuous production. Implement crop rotation strategies to maintain soil health and reduce the risk of disease.

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Automate pH and Nutrient Dosing with Growee Smart Hydroponics Automation

Incorporating smart technology into your hydroponic system can significantly improve your overall yield and simplify your daily tasks. Growee’s Smart Hydroponics Automation is a cutting-edge solution that streamlines pH and nutrient-dosing management.

This all-in-one system offers the following benefits:

  • Precise pH and nutrient control:

Growee’s automated growing system continuously monitors your nutrient solution’s pH levels and nutrient concentrations. It then automatically adjusts the levels to maintain optimal conditions for your plants, ensuring they receive the proper balance of nutrients and promoting healthier growth.

  • Time and labor savings:

The automated system eliminates the need for manual testing and adjustments, saving you time and reducing the risk of human error. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your hydroponic garden, such as pest management and system maintenance.

  • Remote access and monitoring:

Growee’s mobile app allows you to monitor and control your hydroponic system from anywhere, anytime. Receive real-time updates on your garden’s conditions and make adjustments remotely, providing you with complete peace of mind.

  • Scalability:

Growee’s Smart Hydroponics Automation is designed to adapt to your expanding hydroponic operation, making it suitable for both hobbyists and commercial growers. As your garden grows, the system can be easily scaled to accommodate additional nutrient dosing and pH control needs.


Integrating Growee’s Smart Hydroponics Automation into your garden benefits both leafy green vegetable and cannabis hydroponic cultivators alike. By simplifying pH and nutrient management, this advanced system significantly boosts your garden’s efficiency and productivity. For leafy green vegetables, it ensures optimal nutrient absorption and ideal growing conditions. For cannabis cultivators, it promotes robust growth and maximum yield, resulting in high-quality harvests. By automating these critical aspects of your operation, you can focus on nurturing your plants, whether leafy greens or premium cannabis strains, and enjoy the bountiful yields they provide.


Check the pH and nutrient (EC/PPM) levels of your water at least once a day as pH tends to fluctuate. Check the nutrient level once a day to once a few days depending on the plant’s water consumption.

Check the pH and nutrient (EC/PPM) levels of your water at least once a day as pH tends to fluctuate. Check the nutrient level once a day to once a few days depending on the plant’s water consumption.

Generally, it’s between 5.5 and 6.5 but may vary according to the plants and their growth stages. For example, cannabis prefers a pH of 5.5-6.0, while blueberries thrive at 4.5-5.5. Always adjust the pH according to your specific crop to ensure healthy grow

Various companies specialize in providing hydroponic nutrients since the minerals naturally found in water might not be enough for plant nourishment. If you’re using RO water, remember to include microelements to support optimal plant growth.

The highest-yielding hydroponic method varies by crop, but RDWC and nutrient film techniques are often top performers.

The key to success in hydroponics involves using a suitable growing method for your plants, utilizing clean water, and adding the appropriate nutrient levels according to your plants’ needs. Additionally, maintaining the pH within the ideal range and closely managing environmental conditions contribute to a thriving hydroponic garden. Also important to provide the right light intensity, wavelength, and cycle. 

Common mistakes to avoid include overwatering, poor system maintenance, and inadequate lighting.

To achieve optimal growth and yield, regularly monitor nutrient levels and adjust according to your plants’ needs. By incorporating hydroponic automation, such as Growee, nutrient management can be simplified. The system automates pH and nutrient monitoring, adjusts levels when necessary, and ensures ideal plant growth and maximum yields. This allows growers to focus on other aspects of their operation, while the system handles nutrient management.

Water quality is critical in hydroponic farming, as plants absorb nutrients directly from the water. Contaminants can harm your crops, making water filtration and testing essential. Using RO or distilled water and specialized water treatment solutions ensures clean and pure water. Regular water testing helps maintain high-quality water for healthy plant growth.

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