Why Do Plants Grow Faster With A Hydroponic System?

Growee - Why Do Plants Grow Faster With A Hydroponic System?

Hydroponics is a method for growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. The main advantage of growing plants with hydroponics is that you can control all the factors involved (light, air, water and nutrients) – they can be monitored and controlled accurately to ensure maximum growth potential

Hydroponic systems offer many advantages over traditional planting methods because they are not dependent on soil conditions like temperature or pH levels which affect plant growth rate negatively. Tests show that hydroponic growing can result in full-grown crops in 20% to 50% of the time of their soil-based counterparts

So why do plants grow faster with hydroponics? The simple explanation is that nutrients reach their roots directly and this promotes accelerated growth, but there are also other factors that  play an important role 

Here are the main reasons why hydroponic growing is faster and more effective than traditional grow methods:

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1. Constant supply of nutrients available.

Plants grown in hydroponic systems benefit from an ideal blend of nutrients that gets delivered directly to their root systems via a continuous flow of aerated nutrient solution. Because these nutrients are received directly by the roots, the plants aren’t forced to expend energy in search of nutrients as they would in soil, where plant food becomes diluted. As a result, the root systems in hydroponically-grown plants don’t grow out much and don’t need to expend too much energy and so this growth is now realized in the form of upward growth.

2. pH level can be controlled manually.

The right pH level is crucial because it affects nutrient availability for growing plants. A pH level that is too high or alkaline can prevent nutrient uptake and lead to deficiencies. Iron deficiency causes pale or yellow leaves in young plants, while leaf cupping and tip burn are telltale signs of calcium deficiency-although leaf burn can also be from an overly high E.C. level. 

Calcium can also form salts that leave white deposits or scale on reservoir walls and equipment.

Each plant needs certain growing conditions to thrive and with a hydroponic system, PH levels can be carefully monitored and adjusted to ensure for optimum growing conditions

3. Favorable Aeration

The root zone of plants is where all of the action takes place and it’s important that they receive  enough oxygen at all times. Without aeration, the roots may become less efficient at absorbing nutrients. Constant aeration ensures that plants have access to nutrients so they can grow quickly and efficiently.  Hydroponic systems provide a constant supply of fresh oxygen,an often overlooked and crucial component and this favorable aeration ensures that plants grow faster.

4. Optimal Climate Control.

Hydroponics allows you to create an optimal microclimate in your growing area to facilitate favorable conditions for the growth of your plant. Temperature and humidity are crucial to plant growth and because they can be controlled using hydroponics, plants grow faster and healthier.  Because the climate can be controlled you don’t have to wait for seasons to change before you can harvest, in fact one can create the  perfect summer day all year round !

5. Absence of Competition

An advantage of a hydroponic system is that there are no weeds to compete with your crops for nutrients and water. As a result, your plants can utilize all the nutrients and moisture provided by your nutrient solution to grow faster than soil-based plants.

6. Limited Vulnerability to Pests and Diseases

Hydroponic systems are much more sterile, mostly being above ground and possibly in a closed environment -at least behind pest resistant special netting, which means there are almost no bugs. That’s a good thing because it allows plants to grow in ideal conditions without being exposed to pest infestations or other dangers. In a hydroponic system, your crops are free to grow and thrive with less energy spent fighting and deterring bugs.

7. Consistent Growing Conditions Caused by Automated Systems

Plants respond best to light energy, atmospheric conditions, and nutrients when they are kept as consistent as possible. A hydroponic system ensures that plants are grown in a consistent and stable environment. Whether it’s day or night or if the weather is sunny or rainy outside, your plants will be able to grow at their strongest because they will be given ideal conditions within their hydroponic system. So in a nutshell, plants DO grow much faster with Hydroponic systems and it’s all about control over the process.

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Hydroponic gardening is the fastest way to get a harvest. If you’re new to hydroponics,
you might be surprised by how quickly your plants grow. They’ll produce in 30-50% less time than they would if they were grown in soil! Not only that, but you’ll also have less waste—your plants use up less space than traditional soil-grown plants.

With a hydroponic garden, you could double your harvest with fewer losses than ever before. You could even end up with more plants than those that would take up the same amount of space in a traditional garden!

It is true that hydroponic plants grow faster than soil plants. This is because hydroponics gives you the ability to control every nutrient input, so your plants have everything they need at all times. The result is healthier and larger vegetables, flowers or fruit.

Similarly, because of this better health, pests and diseases are less likely to attack your hydroponic crops—so fewer pesticides are needed in your garden! Many growers report up to 50% higher yields per plant when growing with a hydroponic system compared with growing in soil (depending on the crop).

Many people have asked the question, “Do plants grow faster in hydroponics?” The answer is yes. This is because the plant is getting more light and nutrients than it would get in soil.

In soil, the roots grow outwards and downwards into the earth where there is possibly less oxygen to feed on. Soil also has a lot of uneaten vegetation particles which fall to the bottom and may  become compacted over time. These factors make it difficult for plants to absorb nutrients through their root systems as efficiently as possible, so they are less able to grow as quickly as they could otherwise be able to do with hydroponic methods.

The answer to this question is simple: in hydroponics, plants are provided with the perfect amount of water and nutrients they need. As a result, they have no reason to compete for either resource.

Hydroponic plants don’t have to compete for air or sunlight because they’re grown in or outdoors where there’s plenty of both. They don’t have to compete for space either—the roots are spaced apart so there’s no chance of them touching each other or inhibiting one another’s growth.
This lack of competition means that your hydroponic garden will grow faster than conventional gardens do!

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