Why Is a Dual Pump Controller Better for Your Hydroponic System?

Dual-Pump pH controller is Better for Your Hydroponic System

Imagine a dual-pump pH controller as an autonomous car, driving your water pH to where you want and your plants need, with the ability to raise the pH level and lower the pH level according to your needs.

Now imagine that your autonomous car can turn in only one direction. In this article, we will cover the difference between a dual pH controller and a regular one that has only one pump. We will learn about the history of pH controllers, why traditional companies had only one pump, and why, for optimal pH control in your system, the Growee Dual pH Controller is becoming an industry standard.

A car with two wheels as a symbol of a single pump pH controller

What is the Role of pH in Hydroponics?

We have covered the crucial role of pH in previous articles continuing The Importance of Automatic Nutrient & pH Dosing. Here is a short recap: The pH level affects the plant roots’ ability to absorb nutrients from the water.

When the pH is too high or too low, nutrients become unavailable, leading to nutrient deficiencies and poor plant health. Think of pH as the bouncer at the entrance of a club, and the plant roots are the party. When it’s just right, plants thrive and yields increase.

This chart shows the optimal pH range for various nutrients to be absorbed by plants:

optimal pH range for nutrients

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Scientific Insights on pH Effects

A recent study published in Agronomy tested the effects of high pH and low nutrient concentrations on four leafy vegetables in hydroponics. The study found that high pH levels significantly reduced the growth and yield of certain vegetables. For example, under high pH (8.0) and low nutrient conditions, rocket salad’s fresh weight decreased by approximately 43% compared to optimal conditions. The study used controlled hydroponic systems, emphasizing the critical need for precise pH control to ensure optimal plant health and productivity.


Fimbres-Acedo, Y. E., et al. “Testing the Effect of High pH and Low Nutrient Concentration on Four Leafy Vegetables in Hydroponics.” Agronomy, 2023. 

Why Does the Water pH Change in Hydroponics?

The water pH in hydroponics can change due to several factors.

  • Adding Nutrients: When you mix the feeding solution, different nutrients have varying pH values. For example, adding nutrients with a low pH value (around 4.4-5.0) to water with a natural pH of 7.5 will lower the overall pH. This adjustment is necessary to create the optimal environment for nutrient absorption.
  • Water Replacement / Top Off: Adding new water, which typically has a natural pH of around 7.5, to a pH-balanced solution (such as 6.2) will increase the overall pH of the hydroponic system.
  • Nutrient Absorption and Plant Metabolism: As plants absorb nutrients the pH of the nutrient solution changes.
  • Microbial Activity: Microorganisms in the hydroponic system can also influence pH levels through their metabolic processes. This activity can either increase or decrease the pH, depending on the type of microbes and their interactions with the nutrient solution.

What is a pH Controller?

A pH controller is a device that monitors and adjusts the pH levels of the nutrient solution in hydroponic systems. Traditionally, a pH controller includes a pH probe that measures the water’s pH and a dosing pump that injects pH up or pH down solutions to balance the water pH to the optimal range.

In a typical automated pH controller, the grower sets the desired pH range, and the system’s job is to maintain the water pH within this range automatically.

Why Do Traditional pH Controllers Have Only One Pump?

If water pH in hydroponics can rise and drop regularly, why do traditional controllers have only one pump?

Traditional pH controllers were initially designed for simpler applications like swimming pools, where the primary concern is adjusting pH in one direction by adding water or chemicals. In these systems, it is common to use a single pump for pH down.

For example, the Hanna Pool Line pH Controller and Dosing Pump is designed to add pH down the solution to maintain the desired pH.

However, hydroponic systems are more dynamic. Plant roots continuously interact with the nutrient solution, causing constant pH fluctuations. Despite this complexity, traditional controllers often use one pump due to their legacy design. 

For optimal pH control in hydroponics, dual-pump systems like the Growee Dual pH Controller are becoming the industry standard, offering precise adjustments in both directions.

Traditional pH controllers were initially designed for simpler applications. For optimal pH control in hydroponics, dual-pump systems like the Growee Dual pH Controller are becoming the industry standard

How Does the Growee Dual pH Controller Work?

First things first, the Growee Dual pH Controller has two individual dosing pumps: one for pH up and one for pH down. The Growee pH Controller combines two products – the main hydroponics controller, the Hydro Master, and the pH Balancer dosing Add-On.

The Master unit features probes monitoring water pH, EC (electrical conductivity), and temperature. This information is constantly synced with the Growee cloud, allowing growers to see readings and set the desired pH balance range. 

The system then operates automatically, monitoring pH several times per second and adjusting as needed. Using a unique patented algorithm, it prevents overshooting and protects plant health

Key Features:

  1. Smart Dual pH Control: Automatically balances pH levels by adding either pH up or pH down as needed.
  2. WiFi and App: The Growee app allows users to monitor and control pH levels remotely from anywhere.
  3. Smart Dosing Algorithm: A unique algorithm to prevent overshooting, ensuring precise pH adjustments and safeguarding plant health.
  4. Expandable System: Easily add more dosing units without changing the system. You can integrate nutrient dosers for automatic nutrient mixing, enhancing the system’s functionality.
the Growee pH Controller balances pH levels

Stop Worrying About pH with the Growee pH Controller

The Growee Dual pH Controller, with its dual pump system and smart dosing algorithm, offers precise control and ease of use, making it an invaluable tool for any hydroponic grower. 

Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade, the Growee pH Controller ensures your plants receive the right nutrients at the right pH, enhancing growth and productivity

The Growee Dual pH Controller


The Growee Dual pH Controller automatically adjusts and maintains optimal pH levels in any hydroponis system using two dosing pumps for pH up and pH down solutions.

The Growee app allows you to monitor and control pH levels remotely, providing real-time data and alerts to ensure your hydroponic system operates smoothly.

Yes, the Growee system is expandable. You can easily add more dosing units for automatic nutrient mixing without changing the main system setup.

Unlike traditional controllers with only one pump, the Growee Dual pH Controller uses two pumps for precise pH adjustments, features a smart dosing algorithm to prevent overshooting, and offers remote monitoring via a user-friendly app.

The Growee system continuously monitors pH levels several times per second, making necessary adjustments every few minutes to maintain optimal conditions.

By incorporating these features and addressing common questions, the Growee Dual pH Controller stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining optimal pH levels in hydroponic systems.

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