Growee Referral Program Terms & Conditions


Commission Structure:
Affiliates earn an 8% commission on net sales, calculated after deducting taxes, discounts, and shipping costs – the Qualifying Purchase amount.

Premium Rates: Special commission rates are available for top-performing affiliates and
special placements.

Cookie Duration: A 45-day cookie duration is in place for tracking affiliate sales, with sales credited based on “last-click” attribution.

Referral Credits: For the first Qualifying Purchase made by each of your Referrals, you, as the Referrer, will receive Credits equivalent to 8% of the Qualifying Purchase amount. 

These credits are redeemable for cash once they reach $100, with no cap on the total amount of credits that can be earned.

A Qualifying Purchase is defined as a successfully delivered and completed course purchased by the Referral using an external payment method, such as a credit card, or PayPal,  excluding the use of the Referral’s credit balance.


Payout Schedule: Commissions are paid out after the product return window closes 60 days post-purchase.

Returns and Cancellations: if a product is returned or an order is canceled before the end of the return window, the commission associated with that sale will be revoked.

Payment Method: Payments will be made using PayPal.

Program Integrity and Compliance

Order Refusal Rights: Growee reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders due to pricing errors, excessive orders by the same account, or suspected fraudulent activities, to ensure fair and secure transaction practices.

Growee reserves the right to amend or suspend this Referral Program at any time without notice. Only credits earned through referrals can be redeemed for cash, and courses purchased with referral usage are non-refundable

Important Disclaimers

Domain Name Use: The use of domain names containing Growee brand terms or their misspellings, as listed above, breaches the terms of the affiliate relationship.

Keyword Restrictions: Affiliates are prohibited from keyword bidding on Growee brand terms, specific product names, and their misspellings. This includes, but is not limited to: Growee, Growee Hydroponics, pH Controller, Growee sale, Growee discount, and Growee product names.

These terms and conditions are designed to maintain the integrity of the Growee Affiliate Program and ensure a fair and productive partnership between Growee and its affiliates.

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