About Growee


We dare to redefine the future of Agriculture

We believe that new technologies are our tools to design the future of agriculture. Growing plants with no previous knowledge from an app is no less than a revolution

We empower growers to get better results by developing smart algorithms and the most advanced technology to provide a hands-off smooth user experience.

Growee’s Technology has 6 different patents that proved improving yield quantity and quality


The secret to green thumb

Growee is developing a unique growing protocol for each plant. We are driven to discover the true potential hidden in plants in order to bring the world the highest quality crops.

We do that by working together with leading researchers and agronomists, collaborating with top research facilities worldwide, and promoting unique and new research.


The future looks greener than ever

The new generation of growers, kids across the world, are changing the future of agriculture by mastering soilless methods at school. 

Combining education about traditional agriculture with Growee’s app and smart technology encourages student engagement in class and cultivates interest in STEM


Growing more with less

Growee promotes soilless growing methods as a real solution for feeding the world’s growing population while using minimal resources and no land.

Hydroponic solution uses 90% less water, 75% less fertilizers, no chemical pesticides, 90% less transport and 95% less space.

We are motivated to constantly increase yield quantities, improve plant nutrition value and provide organic crops for more people

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